Louis Van Gaal – One of the most underrated managers of our time

Manchester United have won 6 EPL games in a row. Will anybody please appreciate Louis Van Gaal? Even when this happened I was confident he would turn it around and so far, he seems to have steadied the ship. ManUtd have lost to Citeh, drew with Chelsea, beaten Arsenal and now Liverpool. They are 8 points off the leaders Chelsea and 5 points off 2nd placed Citeh. With 22 games to go, 8 points is certainly not insurmountable. If anyone can engineer a ManUtd title from this point, its probably LvG after Fergie.

Like Mourinho, LvG won league titles in multiple countries. Mourinho won in 4, LvG in 3 and that is because LvG has managed in only 3 countries before his current stint in England. One of these league titles was with AZ Alkmaar. Look at this squad, and name one player good enough to play for Sevilla let alone the league champions. To the Eredivisie-agnostic, this is like Villareal winning La liga over Real/Barca (Ajax/PSV). An even better example would be Arsenal winning EPL :P.

He has had his fair share of failures too. He did not take Barcelona far in the Champions League (Los Cules made the semis just once where they were thumped by Valencia 5-3 on aggregate). As manager of the Dutch national team, his 2002 squad failed to qualify for the World cup and his 2014 Netherlands team should have probably won Brazil ’14. Hey, no one said life is a bed of roses.

Bottomline, Louis Van Gaal’s teams win and Manchester United fans must be thankful that they have him.

P.S: I am no ManUtd fan. If anything I used to hate ManUtd with passion even though I just followed the results of EPL and not the games. Nothing gave me more pleasure than seeing Pep Boys trashing Fergies’s ManUtd twice, once at home.


4 thoughts on “Louis Van Gaal – One of the most underrated managers of our time

  1. How can he possibly be underrated! I’m sorry but the term is way too overused. Besides he spent a mental amount of money, he’s managing a team that’s ambitions are in the top 4 and the performances have hardly been convincing have they? He’s a good manager with a great record, a suitable manager for United, but how can he be underrated!

    1. He never gets the respect that a Pep Guardiola/Alex Ferguson/Jose Mourinho gets even though they spend as much if not more. Pep/Fergie have never done more with less like LvG did with AZ. How many big teams think let’s go for Van Gaal after firing their managers? If ManUtd really had good youth squad players LvG would certainly nurture them and not look to buy given his track record with Ajax of 1995 and promoting Muller at Bayern. I don’t have the numbers on the top of my head but he rarely spends like Fergie or Mourinho.
      I haven’t had the time to study his tactics at different clubs in depth but he is rarely outclassed tactically like Fergie was from 2000 onwards before Cristiano started playing well.
      He gives off an air of being asshole but which manager doesn’t?

      I never thought anybody read my blog because blogs are so passe. Thank you for commenting!

      1. Haha fair enough, well defended. Your welcome, I was kind of looking for somewhere to be critical so I apologise it had to be you đŸ˜› I can’t say I know him as far back as his AZ days but I just basing my judgement on his spending this season with United. It is surely noteworthy however the injury problems he’s facing? There has been suggestions it’s been down to his training. Who do you support out of interest?

      2. Maybe…I dunno. His teams certainly take time to gel. Like I said he isn’t tactically rigid like Pep or buys players to suit his needs like Mourinho. He tweaks the system to the players he has. There are a few players like Rivaldo/Lucio who hated him to the core but overall I’d say he is one of the best managers of past 25 years if not all time. Barcelona is my favourite team.

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