Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired. Virat Kohli will succeed him. Eerily similar to how MSD himself got the captaincy from the “straighter” Anil Kumble. After the 3rd test of the 4 test series against Australia, which had just ended in a draw. Proves the adage “There is nothing is new under the sun”. Dhoni inherited a side that was just about at its peak and bequeaths a side that is just about at its bottom to Virat Kohli. For Kohli, things probably cannot get any worse, so it can go only up as the saying goes.

There have been many tributes. This is a very nice numbers based write up. Mike Selvey, as usual, did not disappoint. It is hard to captain with poor bowling. Dhoni never really showed the passion and aggression in tests that he shows for CSK or the Indian ODI side. On the other hand, its probably hard to show the passion when you are repeatedly blanked series after series away from home.

There are many people saying Dhoni is this, Dhoni is that, but from what I have observed Dhoni is probably the most even-keeled cricketer that I have ever seen. He rarely gets overtly excited when India win neither does he sulk when India lose. He is probably the only cricketer who realizes that at the end of the day what we are watching is a game. We are supposed to watch it, enjoy it and forget it.

91* in Wankhede made “a billion” people happy but it did not, in any way, put food on those billion plates (unless of course you were working for BCCI/ESPN/ICC). In fact, it doesn’t really matter if India won or lost that match. Dhoni/Kohli/SRT are richer by crores of rupees irrespective of the result. We must have our priorities right. We let our sports victories/defeats spoil our day/week/month way more than it should. If I ever have a child who ends up being a sportsperson I would definitely want him/her to behave exactly like Dhoni does off the field. Give it your best shot and forget about the results because ultimately giving your best shot is what you control which MSD always did. Indian cricket must be thankful for Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

P.S: Kumble bowls only straight balls. Hence, he is a “straighter”. Now, I expect my million dollars for being an innernet creative writer.


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