The Underachiever who Overachieved: VVS Laxman

Indian mythological names tended to be literal. Literal means that the person is named after how they appear or after their characteristics.¬†Ashtavakra, the guru of the more famous Yajnavalkya, was named so because he was born with 8 deformities/bends in his body. The two famous names of the author of Mahabharata¬†were also literal: Veda Vyasa […]

2005 Ashes: Was it really the greatest series of them all?

A week from today is the 10th anniversary of what is thrust upon the (small) cricketing world as the greatest series of all time. The English media repeatedly makes Goebbelsian propaganda look like an infomercial which no one watches. We have already seen it with Mike Brearley. Every year the legend keeps growing. It was […]