2015-16 FC Barcelona season review

After 62 matches out of a possible 65, Barcelona win the award for the most underwhelming domestic double of all time. Another season another opportunity missed. Ever since the blue elephant group’s founder became president of FC Barcelona, the Blaugrana have had 4 attempts at emulating Arrigo Sacchi’s seminal Rossoneros. Barring the first time versus […]

Favourite Player: Daniel Alves da Silva

By a strange turn of events, the Metronome found himself closest to the goal, about 35 yards away almost dead centre of the goal. He thought of going to his left but found no favourable runner. He turned right and spotted the Flea some 7 paces away to his south east. Ever the tiki taka […]

Kapil Dev: A few batting gems

Despite a billion opinions to the contrary, yours truly believes Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj is still the greatest and most important cricketer in Indian cricket history. Arguments of 100 100s, 33000 runs, top scorer in world cup blah blah will be summarily expunged by White Rice Vellasamy. India has never failed to produce test quality […]

The 1980s Cricket team you have never heard of

Pop quiz: There were two teams in the decade of 1980-89 that did not lose a test series at home. Who were they? A) West Indies & Pakistan B) West Indies & Australia C) West Indies & India D) West Indies & England If you had said any of A, B, C or D you […]