Roger Federer: The ‘.gif’t that keeps on giving

After going more than 15 years without missing one, the grand old man of tennis misses 2 in a year. Apparently even Roger Federer cannot escape the aging process. If Federer cannot, no one else can.

Fedweener The Tweener

Obvious place to start. Better to call the tweener Fedweener.

Please! I am not that brave to play this. I already have 4 kids.

The most famous of those eponymous shots:

Think you’ve outsmarted me? Well, think again.

Reader’s Choice (@nakul530)

Guess what? There really are readers of this blog & some Fednatic has even made a request to include this Fedweener! Filed under medikkal mirakill.

Think you have me cramped & cornered?……………..No you don’t.

Surveying the Field

Here’s the fully grown man surveying the field.

Ima beat each of yous once I get my allowance to buy a racket.

The Backhand

Everyone knows The Maestro’s forehand nay fearhand is the greatest shot in the history of the sport. It was famously and, in retrospect, poignantly described as a “great liquid whip” by David Foster Wallace. The man’s backhand was no slouch. It could be exploited by just one man and that too only on slow courts. Here’s a few of them:


Fed BH flick
Consider yourself sur………..passed!



Dealing with the high ball

For posterity……..soak it in folks.

Miss & Hit



Mirka’s Reaction to the miss & hit

Oh Thank God Almighty! I CANNOT push out two more at a time……AGAIN!

The Finger Wag


Come back soon Roger! We miss you!



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