WHAT THE @#$! Ails Indian Sport?!!?!?!?! – Part III

Unless you are Quentin Tarantino & hate chronological order, danke schoen for reading parts eins & zwei if you have come thus far. Indians & Skill-based sports As I had mentioned earlier, India are genetically unsuited less suited for purely athleticism based sports like sprinting, long distance running, swimming, diving, gymnastics etc. It is highly […]

WHAT THE @#$! Ails Indian Sport?!!?!?!?! – Part II

So if you are through the 1400 words of part uno here’s part dos. Lack of Sporting culture India lacks a sports culture. In the west kids play all sorts of organized sports regularly. Schools/colleges have proper sports schedules based on summer and winter sports. Even the professional leagues are organized as such. Though things […]

WHAT THE @#$! Ails Indian Sport?!!?!?!?! – Part I

Another leap year brings another bucket full of disappointments. Its not enough that we have 365 days of suffering that every four years we must have an extra day of distress. Just like democracy where people suddenly realize the rampant corruption, the inequalities of society & the downright poor performances of the sitting government 2 […]