Roger Federer: The ‘.gif’t that keeps on giving

After going more than 15 years without missing one, the grand old man of tennis misses 2 in a year. Apparently even Roger Federer cannot escape the aging process. If Federer cannot, no one else can. Fedweener The Tweener Obvious place to start. Better to call the tweener Fedweener. The most famous of those eponymous […]

Federer, yayAti, Gordon Gekko & Greed

न जातु कामः कामानामुपभोगेन शाम्यति | हविषा कृष्णवर्त्मेव भूय एवाभिवर्घते || Desires never die. They are never satisfied by indulgence. By indulgence, they flame up like sacrificial fire with ghee poured in it. यत् पृथिव्यां व्रीहियवं हिरण्यं पशवः स्त्रियः | एकस्यापि न पर्याप्तं तस्मान् तृष्णां परित्यजेत् || If one becomes sole lord of all the […]

Roger Federer & the weak era argument

An unusually perspicacious tweet. Weak era in tennis is the one in which your least favourite player wins most of the titles. — Nakul (@TieBreakBagel) March 28, 2016 One of the oft-repeated theories trotted out to malign the great Swiss maestro’s career is that he won a bulk of slams in an extremely weak era […]

Roger Federer

Check this out: 20 years from today, you wouldn’t know whether it was from the Australian Open of 2016 or 2006. Discerning fans would say he’s half a step slow here and he actually lost serve after this but they would drop their jaws and cheer the great man nonetheless. This is why Fednatics love […]