The forgotten story of almost champions Sevilla 2006-07

A lot can happen in a minute goes the aphorism. In Vijay Deenanath Chauhan style, 9 years, 4 months, 11 days ago, a lot happened in less than a minute. 18 seconds to be precise. Four braces from four strikers ensured that the two matches ended 2-2 leaving the two warring giants of Spain level on […]

ஏழு உருண்டை சோறு

First a story: ஏழு உருண்டை சோறு (7 balls of rice) There’s this family: A father, mother & their 5 kids. This family had some good in their last births, so God used to give them 1 ball of rice each for sustenance, 7 in all, every evening. One fine day the mother decided that 1 […]

2015-16 FC Barcelona season review

After 62 matches out of a possible 65, Barcelona win the award for the most underwhelming domestic double of all time. Another season another opportunity missed. Ever since the blue elephant group’s founder became president of FC Barcelona, the Blaugrana have had 4 attempts at emulating Arrigo Sacchi’s seminal Rossoneros. Barring the first time versus […]

Favourite Player: Daniel Alves da Silva

By a strange turn of events, the Metronome found himself closest to the goal, about 35 yards away almost dead centre of the goal. He thought of going to his left but found no favourable runner. He turned right and spotted the Flea some 7 paces away to his south east. Ever the tiki taka […]

Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan: Revolutionary or Overrated? Part II: Results

There is no doubt that Sacchi’s Milan were glorious to watch. Their peak was probably the 5-0 evisceration of a powerful Real Madrid famously led by Emilio “the Vulture” Butragueño. That squad of Madrid was better known as La Quinta Del Buitre. They were made up of 5 Real Madrid youth team members who would […]

Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan: Revolutionary or Overrated? Part I: Background

It is clear from previous posts that yours truly is a fan(atic) of FC Barcelona, Spanish & Brazilian football. As I have mentioned before, I drunk the EPL kool-aid until the extended end of the fantastic 2002-03 La Liga, in my not so humble opinion, the most exciting title race of this century so far […]