Some Statistics That Really Nonplus Me

Zimbabwe won a test series in Pakistan before India did. Sri Lanka are yet to even win a test match in India but have won a test series in Pakistan not once, not twice, thrice if we include their victory in the 2001 Asian Test Championship. Pakistan have beaten West Indies in 18 tests & lost 16 but […]

The 1980s Cricket team you have never heard of

Pop quiz: There were two teams in the decade of 1980-89 that did not lose a test series at home. Who were they? A) West Indies & Pakistan B) West Indies & Australia C) West Indies & India D) West Indies & England If you had said any of A, B, C or D you […]

World Cup Final Four Analysis

The semi-finalists of the 2015 ICC Cricket World cup are set. Australia vs India and New Zealand vs South Africa. Before the tournament began, the four best teams in the world according to their rankings were Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand. The foursome have been the best teams in this tournament. It is […]