Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan: Revolutionary or Overrated? Part II: Results

There is no doubt that Sacchi’s Milan were glorious to watch. Their peak was probably the 5-0 evisceration of a powerful Real Madrid famously led by Emilio “the Vulture” Butragueño. That squad of Madrid was better known as La Quinta Del Buitre. They were made up of 5 Real Madrid youth team members who would […]

Fabio Grosso: The unlikeliest of the most decisive World Cup Heroes

The FIFA World Cup, despite continuous scandals, will continue to be the most important and prized tournament for any footballer. A win in the 7th match (4th, 5th or 6th in some of the earlier formats) is the fruition of the dreams of teammates who have worked for 2 or more years in the midst […]

Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan: Revolutionary or Overrated? Part I: Background

It is clear from previous posts that yours truly is a fan(atic) of FC Barcelona, Spanish & Brazilian football. As I have mentioned before, I drunk the EPL kool-aid until the extended end of the fantastic 2002-03 La Liga, in my not so humble opinion, the most exciting title race of this century so far […]