Some Statistics That Really Nonplus Me

Zimbabwe won a test series in Pakistan before India did. Sri Lanka are yet to even win a test match in India but have won a test series in Pakistan not once, not twice, thrice if we include their victory in the 2001 Asian Test Championship. Pakistan have beaten West Indies in 18 tests & lost 16 but […]

Trinidad & Tobago vs Combined Islands

An engrossing & enthralling contest ended in a stalemate in the picturesque Antigua Recreation Ground. The teams flew into Piarco to resume the 2nd leg of the quarterfinal tie to pick the opponent of the formidable Barbados in the semifinal. The weather was mostly dry with occasional bouts of rain from day 3 onwards. The pitch […]

Combined Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago

The Caribbean All Time XI test championships begin with the quarterfinal clash between Combined Islands and Trinidad & Tobago. Since Combined Islands are seeded fifth they play the second “leg” away in Port of Spain. The picturesque Antigua Recreation Ground is the venue for the 1st leg. The pitch is dry with a bit of […]

Combined Islands All Time XI

The Combined Islands (Leeward Islands, Windward Islands) has historically sent the fewest test cricketers. It has however produced a few test cricketers of exceptional quality. 1. Devon Smith A weak choice but there are hardly any openers of note from the Islands. 2. Stuart Williams Another weak choice but there really are no other batsmen […]

Trinidad & Tobago All Time XI

Trinidad & Tobago usually “portmanteaued” as Trinbago. My most favourite batsman is the Prince of Trinidad. A sweetly timed Brian Lara cover drive is a source of endless pleasure to yours truly. 1. Jeff Stollmeyer Lost his best years to the war but ended with an average of 42.33. Formed a formidable opening partnership with […]

Guyana All Time XI

Guyana is unique in the Caribbean fraternity in the sense that it is the only nation in the West Indies that is not an island. It is also one of two countries with a high concentration of players that are of Indian descent. 1. Roy Fredericks Roy Fredericks vs Lillee/Thommo at the WACA. Do I […]

Jamaica All Time XI

Possibly the coolest English accent ever. Who doesn’t enjoy Michael Holding’s pontifications on the game of cricket? Jamaica also prove that not only is their accent cool but their cricket is even cooler. Shall we go straight to picking the XI? 1. Chris Gayle Before he was Universe Boss, Chris Gayle was actually a high […]