Jallikattu Press Conference

This is a press conference conducted by BiCCI in July 2016 so that Jallikattu may be held during 2017 Pongal. The three men who spoke in the conference are Shri. Srinivas Ratnasami, Shri. Karthikeya Sivasenapathi & Shri. Balakumar Somu. Much Thanks to @by2kaafi & @zeneraalstuff for spending time to translate & transcribe the (mostly) Tamil […]

Glenn Donald McGrath: The Metronome

rAmAyaNa & mahAbhArata is the answer to the quiz question, “Which are the two longest epics from India?”. rAmAyaNa is a (mostly) straightforward story of the God-King shrI rAma. mahAbhArata is an extremely complex story of our land, bhArata. rAmAyaNa & mahAbhArata differ from each other in one other aspect. vAlmiki, the former thief-turned-Adi kavi*, was […]

Elephant Cruelty at Indian Temples: A Pictorial

We recently took at trip to Thirukkurungudi, a temple town approximately 40 kms from Tirunelveli, in the region historically known as Nellai. The temple is famous for its reenactment of kaisika EkAdashI nAtaka. Our eyes caught the temple elephant which was chained and tortured. It brought a tear to our eyes. Please check out our pictorial. […]

Some Statistics That Really Nonplus Me

Zimbabwe won a test series in Pakistan before India did. Sri Lanka are yet to even win a test match in India but have won a test series in Pakistan not once, not twice, thrice if we include their victory in the 2001 Asian Test Championship. Pakistan have beaten West Indies in 18 tests & lost 16 but […]

Trinidad & Tobago vs Combined Islands

An engrossing & enthralling contest ended in a stalemate in the picturesque Antigua Recreation Ground. The teams flew into Piarco to resume the 2nd leg of the quarterfinal tie to pick the opponent of the formidable Barbados in the semifinal. The weather was mostly dry with occasional bouts of rain from day 3 onwards. The pitch […]

The forgotten story of almost champions Sevilla 2006-07

A lot can happen in a minute goes the aphorism. In Vijay Deenanath Chauhan style, 9 years, 4 months, 11 days ago, a lot happened in less than a minute. 18 seconds to be precise. Four braces from four strikers ensured that the two matches ended 2-2 leaving the two warring giants of Spain level on […]